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Secret Spoon Lures

Secret Spoon Lures

Secret Spoons are the most effective bunker spoons ever made and are the result of years of development and testing by Captain Jimmy George of the Nicole Marie. Captain Jimmy has spent years refining his striper Fishing techniques in the waters of Montauk, NY. These are the same spoons that have been featured on Northeast Angling TV and in The Fisherman, Saltwater Sportsman, SportFishing, Striped Bass, On the Water, and nearly every other Fishing magazines!

How they work
Secret Spoons (1lb 9oz) are actually 1lb heavier than any other bunker spoons of similar size. Their unique patented weighting system gives them incredible action that has proven itself by taking hundreds of trophy striped bass and tuna of every size!. The added weight allows anglers to use less wire line to get to a specific depth. The sink rate on these bunker spoons is twice that of any other spoon! Less wire means greater control and an improved presentation.

Never needs adjusting or tuning!
Unlike ALL other bunker spoons, these bunker spoons are always perfect right out of the package.

Can be trolled with wire or braided line!
They are so heavy and swim so true that they are still effective even with braided lines.

Dimpled surface for less water resistance!
The dimpled surface (just like a golf ball) means that the spoons slip easily through the water and sink even deeper!

If you have never used bunker spoons or want to learn more, click here for complete instructions!

These spoons are now ONLY available through eBay! CLICK HERE BUY!

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